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You can connect dual computers across the Internet solely as you would some LAN (local area network). Your PC will require TCP/IP, which refers to the communication protocols that the Web uses when transferring information. You will additionally require NetBIOS, which runs above TCP/IP and allows the computers to communicate. When the protocols are working correctly and file sharing is enabled, the two computers just need to use the Net Use command to connect to each other's IP address around the Internet.

Difficulty: Moderate Instructions



1 Click the Internet browser icon on Computer Any plus PC B to connect two to the Internet. Enter your login information, if needed.

2 Find Computer A's IP address by moving to some internet site that will instantly afford it (spot Resource section).

3 Go to Computer B and click the "Start" key also type "cmd" into the Operate field to bring upwards the command prompt. Type "PING (Computer Some's IP address)" on the command accordant and press "Get into" to check for TCP/IP. Check to a "Reply from" message. If you get an mistake information, then your TC/IP address may possibly never be working correctly (witness Resource area).

4 Type "nbtstat -n" at the command accordant of Computer B to realize a NetBIOS Table. If you get one blunder message, then your TC/IP address may not be working correctly (perceive Resource section).

5 Go to PC Any and click "My Computer" on the "Desktop" also click on the drive or folder that you want to share." Right-click the drive or folder and click "Share" from the menu. Click the drop-down box to choose "Folks to share with" and select "Everyone."

6 Type "Net Use X:\\(Computer A' s IP Address\shared drive)" with the command prompt and press "Enter" from Computer B to connect to the shared drive or folder of Computer A over the Web.

7 Go to Computer Some and click "My Computer" on the "Desktop." Right-click the drive or folder that you are sharing also click "Share" out of the menu. Click the drop-down box to select "People to share with" and pick "(Computer B's IP Address)."

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