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pin.png This is ESC-2K09 Contents. You can edit if you have contents to bring! :) WARNING: ESC2K09 Schedule will be published from august 22nd, and from august 20th this page will be Freezed (Contents Proposal Deadline)!

Contents are always been an important ingredient of the ESC: if you want to speak about something interesting, please edit this page and insert your speech. Audience is absolutely informal and ready to listen to both technical and social topics.

pin.png NEWS: lastminute-talks, instant-talks and lightning-talks will be also possible


Special Events

Concerto dei REIN

Saturday august 29th from 11.00PM, REIN in concert: "Occidente Tour"! :) REIN music is published under a Creative Commons License and is available from jamendo. Band website:

Talks & Seminars

RFID + Fonera Robots - HGComo < info @ > language: italian (english on request)

Practical Seminar and DEMO on RFID (base-level): architecture, modules, and tags. Howto make robots with RFID. We will show the iLib, a small "librarian" robot based on RFID which identifies objects (books) and take the one you need. This talk includes a brief overview on "the router Fonera hack" used as communication control in iLib.

Trashwork at work - Faber Libertatis < info @ > language: italian

A presentation of Faber Libertatis projects, a non-profit association based in Venice and doing some trashware with Free Software.

ZFS - The Ultimate Filesystem - fabioFVZ < fabio @ >

Someone seems to have invented something really different, but is it really this way? We will analyse ZFS in all his aspects and features from theory to practise WILL WE DESTROY AN HARD DISK DURING THE TALK with mala's electric drill, to go deep inside the truth :)

Microkernel, an evolution - Alexjan (axj) Carraturo <axj @>

Microkernel future. Updates, examples, evaluation on what had to be the standard for nowadays OSes.

Electronic forensics for Embedded Systems - Marina (Deneb) Latini <deneb @>

An introduction to digital forensics. GPS Forensics techniques, from sat navigation tool TomTom to Apple iPod embedded OS seeking useful forensics information.

Cryptographic hash functions - Paolo (Paolino) Bernardi <paolino @>

Exploration of these "small bricks": theory, state of the art, and future.

SniffJoke < vecna @ >

Presentation about SniffJoke, a software the can make your TCP sessions not-reconstructible by sniffers. It's not based on an implementative bug, but operates in stack TCP/IP legitimate conditions.

Marketing Free Software < >

Howto make a good website for a Free Software product/project.

Next Generation Network (NGN): from architecture to net neutrality - Giuseppe Augiero < giu at linux dot it >

Infrastructure doesn't allow you to transport every information on IP network. What's going to happen if ISP are going to offer value -added services only to their clients ("wallet garden" model? Is it going to disapper what Tim Berners Lee theorized as the opportunity from every PC to communicate with every other PC?

Old Macs and Free Software? < fperale @ >

- Linux distributions for obsolete Macintosh: Ubuntu e Vine Linux.

- Using MacOS 9.1 today: CLASSILLA, Mozilla for Classic!

Terminal madness < ascii @ >

High level of ownage coming from the terminal.

    . .                                                
   . * .                                               
    .|.          WELCOME TO THE FUTURE:                
     |      .                                          
  .-'|`-.   |       GAYTOWN, USA                       
  `-.|.-'  .-.                                         
     |    `._.'                                        
     |      |     *                                    
    | |     |     |__                                  
    | |    /|     [__]                                 
    | |   / |      ||                                  
   |   |  | |      ||                                  
   |  _|_ | | ()  |  |                                 
  _|_|   || ||  | |  |                                 

Phreaking in 21st century: life and working experiences< Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa, raoul @; Alessandro "Fox" Fossato, fossato @ >

Phreaking is dead, long life to phreaking: a phreaking overview in 2009.

'OpenStreetMap - World's Wiki Map - Simone Cortesi < giardia2003 @ >

A presentation about OpenStreetMap. Follow up: a DEMO "Mapping Party".

The Good, the Bad and th Ugly: lights and shadows about Trusted Computing- Emanuele Cesena < ecesenah @ >

An introducion to Trusted Computing. Code explained, compiled, tested throug a TPM :)

  • Trusted Channel: TLS + Remote Attestation [system level]
  • TLS-DAA: TLS with anonymity via Direct Anonymous Attestation [system level + strong crypto]
  • European Project DEMO Open_TC [app level/scenario]

At the end: huge flame betweens PRO and CONS factions :)

Labs & Hands-on

Trashware and LTSP Lab - Faber Libertatis < info @ >

Howto make a computerlab hall with 25 old PCs, one server, and LTSP.

Old Macs Lounge&Lab0

A DEMO Zone with old Apple Macs and Free Software

Mapping Party - Simone Cortesi < giardia2003 @ >

Mapping Venice-Tessera area with GPS, inserting and editing data on OpenStreetMap. Bring your GPS receivers! :)

Electronic lab - HGComo < info @ >

If you need to develop something powered by current, this is the right place :) projects for newbyes, free discussions for a bit advanced topics and diy ESC gadgets with trash electronic components.

(add here your proposal...)

Fun & Other Stuff

It's never too late to have a good childhood!  :)

Certificati Digitali THAWTE

Thawte notars will be present to ESC-2K09, to make you get your own certificate. [ MORE INFO ]

Certificati Digitali CAcert

CAcert gives digital free certificates also for SSL servers and Code Signing. Unfortunately CAcert root certificate di CAcert is not yet included by default on web browsers[ MAGGIORI INFO ]

Keysigning-Party :)

Keysigning Party Add your key here

Saturday Grill Party

Traditional ESC grill Party with italian food :) [ MAGGIORI INFO ]

Mala's Birthday Party

As usual we will celebrate Mala's Birthday Party. That is going to be on Saturday Eve from 23.00 on. Italian grappa, spritz, and so on... "auguri mala"!

Labirint Parking &C.

Free Art Installations by italian art collective Details coming soon.

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