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I am 54 years old. I bought a copy of USA v US seevral years ago, including the 10 hour CD. I am familiar with this information.I am listening to your broadcast on Republic Broadcasting for the second time. I just read your version 2 PDF.While it is commendable that your are constructing such a lawsuit, I question a number of things about your approach.I have learned that no one knows what a right is yet people talk about rights all the time.I have learned that no one knows what consciousness is, yet people all the time say they are conscious.I have learned that no one knows what an emotion is, yet people talk of experiencing emotions all the time.I have learned that no one knows what reason OR what faith is, yet people say that I must have faith and that I am being unreasonable when I tell them that I am NOT a faithist (in an epistemological sens) and that I consider faith deadly.I could go on, and on, and on. My point is that people do not even have the concepts present in their minds to be able to identify reality, much less to re-establish our Republic.I will not be calling in tonight. However, I will ask What is a right? when I do call in in the future. What is a right?Respectfully, DanPSYour email is not working. Let's see if this comment will work.

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