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pin.png From August 12th to August 16th you can find us at HAR2009 Conference, Nederlands. Look for Italian Embassy on D-Field. Saturday Night ITALIAN GRAPPA Party (including Mala's Birthday) hosted by Mayhem! :)


ESC is a meeting of people interested in Free Software, Hacking, Security @ Free Entry. Contents are always work in progress on this wiki, and are created by partecipants. [ CONTENTS ]


According to our"MUD" (Miscere Utile Dulci) Formula. Workshop, seminars and taks on different topics/levels and other special events (Camping, Grill Party, Concert, etc.)


ESC2K09 takes place in Venice, Italy at Forte Bazzera, ex World War I Fortress just 2km away from Venice International Airport. [ GETTING ESC ]


To meet. To have fun. To learn. To vizit Italy :)


Warning: Powered by Italian Grappa! :) Cannot attend this year event? You can keep informed about ESC2K10-ED. (if any). Please subscribe Announce Mailing List For contacts and information not in this wiki, donations, sponsorship, etc, write to SM4X

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