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Starting from this year event, we are bringing some slight changes to ESC attending policy:

  • First of all, we ask you to fill an online REGISTRATION FORM: this is not mandatory but warmly suggested and very helpful: for us in order to give correct proportions to the campsite facilities, and for you in order to gain access to the Internet and faster access to the event.
  • We are also introducing an optional value-added FUNDRAISE SERVICE: in this way you will help us to finance the event without anticipating too much money, and you can get special savings and reservations. At the moment of registration you will be asked to choose or skip options.

Please register! :)

pin.png REGISTRATION IS OPEN! - Registration is not mandatory, yet warmly suggested :) Free registration is needed to get username and password for campsite Internet access. And with the new value-added prepaid fundraising service you can also get services at discounted rates! For example 3 days tent fee (no additional fees for tent users, you just pay the space) 10,- EUR instead of 20,- EUR (=50% saving).


"E$C" is ESC virtual money :) Both E$C and Euros will be accepted at the campsite, but using E$C you can get flexible conversion rates and reach significative savings: this being especially true if you get E$C money in advance through the online registration process. Getting E$C, you help us to finance the event without anticipating too much money and you get good savings, however you must agree with following rules:

pin.png E$C RULES. E$C money is valid only inside event location, from its beginning to the end (that is from Friday Sept.3rd 2010, 10.00 AM to Sunday Sept.5th, 2010, 4.00 PM). Official fixed conversion rate is 1 E$C = 3 EURO, however some flexible conversion rate offers are possibile. PLEASE NOTE: Conversion is unidirectional, since E$C will not by any circumstances be changed back in Euro, with this very only exception: if whole event being cancelled before the beginning, due to circumstances beyond control.

If you won't be able to spend all your E$C before the end of the event, the only way will be to give it to other participants. To help you finishing your residual E$C, other participants will be happy to drink gallons of beer for free :) Also remember that E$C payment will be accepted for gadgets/shirts and on final sale (Sunday Sept.5th, 3.00 PM) with lots of "antani" stuff (hardware, memorabilia, "burrini", etc.) being auctioned :)


Forte Bazzera was a gunpowder storage site during World War I. There's a lot space for camping. We do have power supply, showers and restrooms. We will have also Internet connectivity. We are going to request a small fee to place your tent in the campsite or to sleep in our guesthouse dorm. Here are the details:

Both these offers are available at the flat rate of 20,- EUR for all your staying, and reservable until august, 31th 2010 through our value-added FUNDRAISE SERVICE at special (though non-refundable) rate of 10,- EUR (-50%). "Flat rate" means you just give 20,-EUR and it's the same if you stay 1 or 4 nights, 1 or 3 people tent. Remember that TENTS AND MATTRESSES ARE NOT INCLUDED, it means you'll have to bring yours! :)

pin.png PLEASE NOTE. Guesthouse dorm pitches are subject to limited availability: reservation is suggested :) Big tents and campers are in general welcome although they may have special destination areas or bigger rates: in such a case, please warn the staff and reach an agreement before August 28th. It's possible to sleep at the campsite from Thursday, 2nd (helping to build-up) to Sunday, 5th (helping the clean-up) :): if you are going to volunteer, just WARN THE STAFF.

There's also a bunch of hotels in the strict neighbourhoods, in case you don't like camping. Such as:

If you come by train/car you will have a wider choice in Venezia-Mestre.


A Basic Campsite Kitchen will be operating at the campsite, this will be the Basic Pricelist:

BEER = 1 E$C

Of course there are also lots of good italian restaurants in Venice and Venezia-Mestre: just google for them! :)


Most beautiful thing in the neighbourhoods of the ESC -apart from Venice Airport :)- is of course Venice.

You can reach Venice with just 1 euro in about 40 minutes through ACTV (Public Transit Company):

    • Walk "Via Bazzera" until Venezia-Tessera downtown (about 700m)
    • Reach "Piazza Tessera" bus-stop (ask people, remember to say "direzione Venezia")
    • Take ACTV bus n°5 direction "Venezia", until Venice bus terminal

Before taking a bus, remember to have with you the ticket: ACTV tickets costs 1 euro for one run (goingVenice + goingback = 2 tickets) and you can buy it on official sales point (stations, pubs, etc.).

A pharmacy, a grocery, a pub and a restaurant can be found in Venezia-Tessera downtown.

Weather Forecasts

Here you will find Wheather Forecast by Centro Meteo ESC

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