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What is the E$C?

"E$C" is ESC virtual money :) Both E$C and Euros will be accepted at the campsite, but using E$C you can get flexible conversion rates and reach significative savings: this being especially true if you get E$C money long time in advance, e.g. through the online registration process. Getting E$C, you help us to finance the event without anticipating too much money and you get good savings, however you must agree with following rules:

pin.png E$C RULES. E$C money is valid only inside event location, from its beginning to the end (that is from Friday Sept.3rd 2010, 10.00 AM to Sunday Sept.5th, 2010, 4.00 PM). Official fixed conversion rate is 1 E$C = 3 EURO, however some flexible conversion rate offers are possibile. PLEASE NOTE: Conversion is unidirectional, since E$C will not by any circumstances be changed back in Euro, with this very only exception: if whole event being cancelled before the beginning, due to circumstances beyond control.

If you won't be able to spend all your E$C before the end of the event, the only way will be to give it to other partecipants. To help you finishing your residual E$C, other partecipants will be happy to drink gallons of beer for free :) Also remember that E$C payment will be accepted for gadgets/shirts and on final sale (Sunday Sept.5th, 3.00 PM) with lots of "antani" stuff (hardware, memorabilia, "burrini", etc.) being auctioned :)

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