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Fun & Other Stuff

It's never too late to have a good childhood!  :)

LAN Experience

An "old-school" LAN Party three days long. Net Protocols, Cryptography, Games. Bring the hardware you want (PCs, cables, switches, routers, wi-fi stuff, ...) and remember that a great LAN Party dipends on great participants! :)

pin.png TIP: Mark every single piece and keep the valuable ones under strict supervision!

Hardware Barter (NEW!)

Bring your old hardware and trade it with other participants! :)

Table Soccer Tournament

The traditional ESC Free Table Soccer Tournament, "winner-in/loser-out" formula :)

Cellular Throw Competition

How far can you launch a mobile phone? Show everybody how long you have it (the launch). (As long as there are stocks) (Beware: risk of strained muscles, bad figures and mocking laughts)

CAcert Certificates

CAcert gives digital free certificates for electronic signature, SSL servers and Code Signing.

  • Assurers
    • Fabrizio T. (15 points)
    • Paride Legovini (15 points)
  • People wanting to be assured
    • Alessandro L.

Keysigning-Party :)

GPG Keysigning Party

Saturday Grill Party

Traditional ESC grill Party with italian food :)

Mala's Birthday Party

As usual we will celebrate Mala's Birthday Party. That is going to be on Saturday Eve from 23.00 on. Italian grappa, spritz, and so on... "auguri mala"!

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